Septic Tank Inspections

Septic System Inspection Services

At Timber Lakes Septic Services, we can perform a complete system inspection when you need a building permit or are going to sell or purchase a property We will make sure everything is compliant with your system. Rely on us for prompt services.

Top-Notch Inspection Services

When we come to your place to provide a septic system inspection, our team will perform a visual inspection to check your tank and baffle integrity. We will also do a drain-field inspection following MPCA requirements. We also offer main line video inspections if needed.

If these inspections reveal that you need repairs, we’ll recommend them to you. During our inspections and full tank assessments, we will check your tank structure and baffles in order to make sure they meet state requirements.

Inspect your tank before you sell your home

If you are selling your home, make sure you get your tank inspected – as it is required by law. When you choose Timber Lakes Septic Services, your inspection will be quickly completed so that you can get on with your sale!

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