Septic System Repairs

Reliable Septic System Repair Services

Repair your septic system to get it back to form and running problem free by calling on Timber Lakes Septic Services. You can count on us for high-quality repairs because all our technicians are trained to MPCA Standards.

Your partner for service and repairs

Once your septic system is installed, you can count on us to be your partner for the life of your system. We’ll make sure it’s cleaned, inspected, and repaired when necessary. You can call us for more information on scheduled services.

Complete service

Rest assured that we’ll check your system and are ready complete necessary repairs, such as installing new risers and baffles, changing out pumps, or performing a complete line replacement. 

FREE phone estimates are available for all our services. Call 218-927-6175 today to receive yours.

Please call for more information on scheduled services!